Hacking Team Al-Shabab Somtel-Dahabshiil Spies Somalian People – Wikileaks -Sir Khatar ah, Sawir:- Wikileaks oo kashifay Somtel Dhiigshiil iyo Sirdoonka Somaliland oo ka danbeeya.


Today, 8 July 2015, WikiLeaks releases more than 1 million searchable emails from the Italian surveillance malware vendor Hacking Team, which first came under international scrutiny after WikiLeaks publication of the SpyFiles. These internal emails show the inner workings of the controversial global surveillance industry.

RE: I: Somtel

Email-ID 435037
Date 2012-11-14 05:42:19 UTC
From ismail.dualeh@somtelnetwork.net
To m.luppi@hackingteam.it, rsales@hackingteam.it

Dear Massimilano,


Thank you for the response . we play as security organization for the government , when they need any security we provide it to them.


Therefore I hope we will be able to sign the NDA and have trial of the RCS .




Ismail Dualeh

Chief Technical Officer-SOMTEL

T : +252 7 972 90 00 | M : +252 7 900 00 01

E : ismail.dualeh@somtelnetwork.net


From: Massimiliano Luppi [mailto:m.luppi@hackingteam.it]
Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2012 1:14 PM
To: ismail.dualeh@somtelnetwork.net
Cc: HT
Subject: R: I: Somtel


Dear Mr. Dualeh,


Many thanks for contacting us and for the interest in our technology.


RCS is designed to attack, infect and monitor target PCs and Smart-phones in a stealth way, including its location.

Once a target is infected, RCS allows you to access a variety of information, including:

Skype traffic (VoIP, chat), keystrokes (all Unicode languages), mails, messages, target positioning, files, screenshots, microphone eavesdropped data, camera snapshots, etc.

Supported PC platforms are: Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 & 64 bit) and Mac-OS.

The Smartphones’ platforms are Windows Mobile, iPhone, Symbian, Blackberry and Android.

Would you mind having a look at the two RCS videos on our website?



As you can imagine, our policy allows us to sell the product to Government, Law Enforcement and Security Organizations only.

Regarding your enquiry, please note that we do not provide geographical representation; our approach is to work side by side with a local partner (like you) on every specific deal.

This means that, if you have a potential business opportunity, we will give you protection on such client for 1 year.

Obviously, in order to understand, if we can move on, we need to know which agency we are talking about.

If everything is positive, we will proceed with the signature of our Non Disclosure Agreement and we’ll organize a meeting with the potential client.


Looking forward to receiving your reply.


Kindest Regards,


Massimiliano Luppi

Key Account Manager



Milan Singapore Washington DC


mail: m.luppi@hackingteam.com

mobile: +39 3666539760

phone: +39 02 29060603


Da: Ismail Dualeh [mailto:ismail.dualeh@somtelnetwork.net]
Inviato: Tuesday, October 30, 2012 01:22 PM
A: <m.bettini@hackingteam.it>
Oggetto: Somtel
Dear Marco,

hope all is well.

My name is ismail dualeh , i am the CTO for somtel , a telecom operator in somaliland . i have got your contact from hagai frenkel of NICE systems.
we have request from our government to check emails in case they suspect any users and we have advised them we can support them with  trojan horses therefore we need to add this capability our the network .we are currently  testing various solutions and we want to evaluate your solution as well.

looking to hear from you.

Ismail Dualeh
Chief Technical Officer
Somtel International